[pptp-server] RPMs for ppp-2.3.10 with MSCHAP/MPPE patch

Adi adi at certsite.com
Wed May 10 17:40:10 CDT 2000

It turns out I built the ppp_mppe.o kernel module wrong.. unresolved
symbols.  So unless you're interested in the spec files, don't bother
downloading these yet.  I'll work out the bug tomorrow.


Adi wrote:
> I've built some RPMs incorporating the MSCHAP/MPPE patch to ppp-2.3.10 for
> RH6.1 and RH6.2.  I have not done any work verifying that it actually works,
> I simply followed the instructions from the redhat readme on moretonbay.com,
> and made a RedHat spec file from them.
> I would greatly appreciate it if people would try these out and give me
> suggestions.  Thanks.
> http://certsite.org/~adi/sw/ppp-2.3.10-1mschap_mppe_rh61.i386.rpm
> http://certsite.org/~adi/sw/ppp-2.3.10-1mschap_mppe_rh61.src.rpm
> http://certsite.org/~adi/sw/ppp-modules-2.3.10-1mschap_mppe_rh61.i386.rpm
> http://certsite.org/~adi/sw/ppp-2.3.10-1mschap_mppe_rh62.i386.rpm
> http://certsite.org/~adi/sw/ppp-2.3.10-1mschap_mppe_rh62.src.rpm
> http://certsite.org/~adi/sw/ppp-modules-2.3.10-1mschap_mppe_rh62.i386.rpm
> -Adi
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