[pptp-server] Re: Help!

Adi adi at certsite.com
Thu May 11 14:22:04 CDT 2000

Michael Barsalou wrote:
> Was there much to change when you used your version of
> OpenSSL?

No, the only real change was that you need the #include "rc4_skey.c"

Oh, also you need to edit some of the rc4 files that came with openssl,
because they tried to #include <openssl/...>  All these changes are detailed
in the patches contained in my src.rpm.

> If not we can change the HOWTO to use the OpenSSL instead.
> Of course we can now just get rid of the HOWTO because you
> made an rpm!

Right, that's what I figured.  But I think your HOWTO is still very useful
as a guideline on how the RPM was built... ALSO for people who don't use
RedHat.  We don't want to be fascist and require people to use only one
distro.  I would build .deb's I just don't have the time. :(


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