[pptp-server] Protocol 47

Angus North a.north at interactive-voice.com.au
Thu May 18 05:35:42 CDT 2000

Hi everyone

Just wondering - wasn't it a little silly to invent a new protocol for PPTP
(# 47)
given that it will be blocked by default by most firewall configurations?
Remote users and PPTP administrators will often have no control over these
e.g if an employee of company A visits company B, and whilst there, would
like to
connect via PPTP to company A's LAN from company B's LAN. In most
cases,company B will not cater for PPTP, and the employee will have no
control over company B's firewall.
Since PPTP is all about making secure remote access easy, why not use
unreserved TCP ports, that
most firewalls let through?


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