[pptp-server] Protocol 47

Graham Dunn gdunn at inscriber.com
Thu May 18 08:52:20 CDT 2000


"A protocol which allows an arbitrary network protocol A to be
transmitted over any other arbitrary network protocol B, by
encapsulating the packets of A within GRE packets, which in turn are
contained within packets of B. 

Defined in RFC 1701 and RFC 1702 (GRE over IP). 
- nightflight.com's online dictionary.

Angus North schrieb:
> Hi everyone
> Just wondering - wasn't it a little silly to invent a new protocol for PPTP
> (# 47)
> given that it will be blocked by default by most firewall configurations?
> Remote users and PPTP administrators will often have no control over these
> firewalls
> e.g if an employee of company A visits company B, and whilst there, would
> like to
> connect via PPTP to company A's LAN from company B's LAN. In most
> cases,company B will not cater for PPTP, and the employee will have no
> control over company B's firewall.
> Since PPTP is all about making secure remote access easy, why not use
> unreserved TCP ports, that
> most firewalls let through?

If someone opened up a tunnel from my network to someone else's, without
my permission, I'd be pretty upset.

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