[pptp-server] Non-local connection attempts fail

Christopher Biow biow at ezmort.com
Mon May 22 09:07:01 CDT 2000

On Fri, 19 May 2000 15:25:59 -0400, I wrote:

>From what I can tell it seems that the GRE packets are not getting through.

That must have been it. Although their tech support denied this, it seems
that the Flowpoint 144 IDSL router does not, by default, route GRE
(Protocol 47) packets. It required an explicit command to make it do so:
| remote ipfilter insert forward accept -p 47 internet

With that done, PPTP works great. I don't know if this is worth adding to
any FAQ-type documentation, as I don't know if many routers default to

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