[pptp-server] Routes

Gord Belsey gord at amador.ca
Fri May 26 11:06:12 CDT 2000

I have a LAN at the other side of the remote (linux pptp client) end.  In
/etc/ppp, I created ip-up.local, which gets called by ip-up (assuming you
set the permissions:o).  ip-up runs as ppp is brining up the link and gives
you variables $1 through $5 (you can also set $6 in the options file).

in ip-up.local, I put:

route add -net <remote network> netmask <remote netmask> gw $4 $1

$1 is the interface and $4 is the gateway address.  I can't recall off the
top of my head what the 5 variables are, but they're documented in the pppd
man pages.

I haven't had any problems with this approach.

Hope this is helpful

Gord Belsey
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> I cant seem to find a method off adding routes at both sides of my pptp
> connection when the link comes up.. I need to add
> a static route at the pptpd side for the remote network and add a few
> on the local side that point specific traffic up the link and let the rest
> use the default route..  pppd has some commands that run scripts but the
> descriptions all indicate that they are executed before the ppp link is
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