[pptp-server] PPTP Client problem

Jeffrey Hummel jhummel at fulltiltsolutions.com
Fri May 26 22:15:11 CDT 2000

Ok, now I got a bit further.  One last question and I think I should be
done.  I have a NT PPTP server and a linux PPTP server.  Honestly, the NT
box is easier to administer since it pulls the usernames and passwords from
the domain list and it pulls ip from a pool of DHCP addresses.  

I connect to the NT PPTP server from a linux PPTP client.  Connection works
well(MPPE-128, etc.).  Hooray!  If I connect from another machine, say Win98
or 2K, no problem.  But if I connect from another linux client, no dice, it
hangs after starting ppp->ppp[0-?] then dies after awhile.  If I drop all of
my connections, the first one starts out fine, but second, etc instances
don't connect.  Is there something like a call handler happening here?  I
tried to do a search for the answer, but I didn't get anywhere.  

Again, this list is one of the best I have been on.  ( Attempt at


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I got past that one, noauth has to be in the command line twice ( for
odd reason...) but the link is up now and authenticated.  The next
is this -- I can ping any old machines (win98, 2000) but not any of my
servers.  Also, is there an easy was to pass wins through the link?

Thanks again,


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