[pptp-server] Throwing in the Towel

Eric Robinson eric at pmcipa.com
Sun May 28 16:09:48 CDT 2000

Well, this has been an enlightening experience.

Despite enormous enthusiasm on my part, despite days of hard work,
despite partial success, I have been unable to get PoPToP running
properly on FreeBSD. 

Naturally, I could switch to Linux, but then I would give up the better
firewall option. Linux ipchains is not statefull and NetFilter is still
in its infancy, whereas Darren Reed's ipfilter for xBSD is stable,
reliable, powerful.

I don't like having to choose between OSes because the good VPN solution
is on one while the good firewall solution is on the other. So, I'm
throwing in the towel and going with yet a third OS: Windows NT.

Products like the following make such a choice very reasonable:
http://tinysoftware.com/products.html. If you are also struggling to
find the best of both worlds without spending a lot of money, I
encourage you to check it out.

Eric Robinson

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