[pptp-server] Throwing in the Towel

Kenneth E. Lussier kenlussier at mediaone.net
Sun May 28 20:41:35 CDT 2000

I would have to agree with Mark. The PPTP server should be running some
sort of packet filtering for additional security, but in my opinion, a
firewall should be a firewall and nothing else. It shouln't be providing
any kind of services. Not to mention, by going with NT, you're going to
have to deal with their "embraced and extended" version of pptp.
Mark Horn wrote:
> On Sun, May 28, 2000 at 02:09:48PM -0700, Eric Robinson wrote:
> >I don't like having to choose between OSes because the good VPN solution
> >is on one while the good firewall solution is on the other. So, I'm
> >throwing in the towel and going with yet a third OS: Windows NT.
> There is, of course, another option.  Which is to run PPTP on Linux,
> and run the firewall on xBSD, with the Linux box on the inside of the
> firewall.

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