[pptp-server] special considerations

Tom Eastep teastep at evergo.net
Tue May 30 19:59:37 CDT 2000


On Tue, 30 May 2000, Michael Barsalou wrote:

> What special considerations are there when using a Windows VPN 
> client behind a masqueraded firewall?
> I have tried opening the firewall's completely but it still doesn't 
> seem to help.
> I am getting LCP timeout  on the pptp server.
> One thing to note is that when I connect the server to the internal 
> network, I can connect to it fine.  So I know that the server is setup 
> correctly.
> It seems like it has to be because the windows client is being 
> masqueraded.  Is it possible that the LCP requests aren't going 
> back to the right machine? Not being desmasqed correctly/at all?
> What are some ideas on how to track this down?

Look at http://www.wolfenet.com/~jhardin/ip_masq_vpn.html

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