[pptp-server] can't see Samba/Windows shares!

thomas park thomas at ikena.com
Wed May 31 09:38:46 CDT 2000

Hi all,

Quick question: I've been trying to configure PopTop on a Linux box to
enable access to our company's internal network.  My test client (a
Win2k machine) negotiates the PPP/PPTP connection successfully, but once
logged in, it can't get to any of the Samba or Windows shares!

This is where things get interesting.  The client can
ping/telnet/traceroute/ftp to any of the internal hosts via IP address,
FQDN, or host name.  However, you cannot access any of the Windoze
shares via IP address or WINS name.

For example, assuming we have a host called "transient" at with
a public share called "shared", you cannot perform any of the following

    net send transient hi
    net use m: \\transient\shared
    \\  (in windows explorer address bar)
    \\transient  (in windows explorer address bar)

These commands all give some error along the lines of "the computer name
cannot be found" or "the path or resource cannot be located".  This
behaviour is consistent with both shares on Windows workstations and
those from our Samba servers.

The internal domain is on the range 10.0.0.x.  (x < 200).  The VPN
clients are given IP's in the range 10.0.0.y (200 <= y < 250).  The pppd
hands VPN clients a netmask of regardless of what I
specify in the PPP options file - although I don't think that this is
the issue, since regular TCP/ICMP traffic to the internal network works

If anybody has encountered a similar problem, or can provide insight,
I'd be most grateful.  Please CC: me on a reply.

thomas park

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