[pptp-server] Dual-NIC Server Problem

Brian Free brian at freenetwork.ws
Tue Sep 5 23:31:40 CDT 2000

Here is my configuration: External NIC
   Internal NIC
 ________          _______           ______                      _____
|        |        |       |         |      |                    |      |
| client |------->| fire  |-------->| pptp |------------------->| host |
|        |        | wall  |         | srvr |                    |      |
|________|        |_______|         |______|                    |______|
    H                                   H
    H                                   H
    H                                   H
    H===================================H    pptp connection

I am able to connect to the pptp server and can ping both ethernet
interfaces on that server, but I can't ping the inside host.  I have checked
the arp table and it shows as being eth1 which is the Internal
NIC.  I have proxyarp set in the options file and have tried every other
option that looked pertinent.  I have also verified that the firewall is not
causing any problems.  The pptp server is able to ping the host and the VPN
client at  The pptp server is not setup to route between the
192.168.56 and the 192.168.4 networks, and it isn't obvious to me that it
should have to be.  I'm stumped.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Brian Free
brian at freenetwork.ws

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