[pptp-server] multiple hosts behind a pptp client

Jason Shackelford jshackelford at orsys.com
Fri Sep 8 14:30:16 CDT 2000

Does it work if I have two computers (or more) behind a router that have
a PPTP client ?
I think it doesn't work, but can you give me some elements to say it
What does it make not work ?

 Pascal Fremaux


	Yes, this does work as long as long as the pptp client is configured to
pass traffic in that fashion.  I am using a PC running a masquerading
firewall.  This PC is already used to connect a bunch of PCs to the
internet.  I installed the pptp client on it.  At a remote site I have a
Moretonbay Netel.  It is a small linux pc that only has flash memory.  It is
compiled with VPN server (PPTPD).  So for our purposes we will just pretend
it is a normal linux firewall.  Basically I start a pptp connection from the
PC firewall across the Internet to the Moreonbay Netel.  I will now direct
you to a previous e-mail I sent to another fellow.

	OK, here is how to do this.  Each linux PC will have a ppp interface when
the link is active.  The output of ifconfig will show an "inet address" and
a "PtP address"  The method that I used was network routes rather than host
routes. So, once the link is up, you should get on either PC and type: route
add -net <remote LAN(eg.> netmask <remote LAN's netmask> gw
<This PC's PtP address>.  This will add a network route to the remote LAN.
Then you need to get on the other pc and do the same procedure.  As long as
masquerading is working properly, this should work.  Anything on the LAN
behind the netel can ping anything on the LAN behind the PC firewall.(As
long as they are using the firewalls as their default gateways.)

							jshackelford at orsys.com

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