[pptp-server] Linx PPTP -> Cisco VPN Adaptor

Timothy Findlay tfindlay at prodevelop.com.au
Fri Sep 8 18:40:26 CDT 2000


I setup PPTP on a Linux Internet gateway at work a few weeks ago, and
all has been great, people are been authenticating against the PDC and
all which is great, but now were opening a new little office overseas,
and I just found out they've brought  a 17xx Cisco router, which they
want to use to connect to the VPN, as it's overseas there some other
cluey dude on the other end to setup the cisco, but what do I need to do
to my Linux box, can it do it ?!?!?

Where it gets even more tricky is they've brought a 24 port hub and my
bosses response was "Oh, we'll route them down a new 'scope' (as he
calls it)" been 128.1.4.x, our main office has a private network based
on 128.1.6.x, routing 1 IP isn't hard, but how do I route a whole
network ?!?!?

Thanks in advance.

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