[pptp-server] LCP terminated by peer

Brian Denheyer bdenheyer at next-comm.com
Fri Sep 15 18:22:54 CDT 2000

We're having some trouble with PPP giving up the ghost in a middle of
a connection.  I've looked through the ppp code and it seems like, if
it says LCP terminated by peer, it really is terminated by peer.

Anybody know of any other causes which might fool PPP into dying like
this ?

It also seems that since PPP is quitting "gracefully" that maybe
pptp's reaction should be a little nicer.  Right now it looks like it
is an unexpected condition.

Here's the relevant details from syslog :

Sep 15 15:48:51  pppd[18273]: LCP terminated by peer
Sep 15 15:48:51  pptpd[18272]: CTRL: Error with select(), quitting
Sep 15 15:48:51  pptpd[18272]: CTRL: Client control connection



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