[pptp-server] a UNIX PPTP client ?

P. Veenema p.veenema at minocw.nl
Tue Sep 19 01:47:13 CDT 2000

Hello All,

I live in the netherlands and i have recently subscribed myself to ADSL (Mxstream from KPN)
i have an account with four dialin accounts and thus four internet IP adresses, The ADSL connection
uses PPTP  for security. 

 I am running a NT server for internet connection sharing on one account. 
 What i want to do is the following; Run a Web, WAP and mailserver for my two domainnames on the 
other account with my HP9000 E25 which is currently running HP-UX. My question is, ofcourse, ; "How and with 
what software and/or patch can i upgrade HP-UX so that i can connect to my internetprovider 
via PPTP?!?

(I am starting to believe that it is not done! no one knows about PPTP on HPUX, i was considering
using a Linux gateway for the hp9000, but it's too hard to believe that no one 's ever had the idea 
to use PPTP on HP-UX!)

Thanx folks!


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