[pptp-server] Newbie question - hopefully trivial!

Steve Cody SCody at Gulbrandsen.com
Tue Sep 26 08:05:08 CDT 2000

Your broadcast packets will not go across the routers through the VPN.  The
broadcasts will stay on their local subnet.  In order for you to browse the
opposite side of your VPN connection, you'll either have to have a WINS
server(s), or set up lmhosts files on the clients.  With Samba in linux, you
can set them up as WINS servers and as the Master browsers on your network.

Your configuration as you suggested will work.  Depending on how big your
office  The only problem you may have is keeping the connection up and
automating the connection/reconnection.  I have a similar configuration as
you and have tried the PoPToP solution for the VPN and it didn't work for
me.  I ended up using the VPN using SSH How-to.  That works great for me.

Good luck.

Steve Cody

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Hi folks,

I want to connect our two offices together using PopTop, and I think I'm
ok to go ahead and implement it. However, I have a "what then" question!

Our two offices both have Linux firewalls and I have two other Linux
machines ready to form the VPN connection through those firewalls. I
want not only to be able to do things like telnet and ftp back and
forth, but also to be able to have the Windows machines in one office
browse the windoze machines in the other office. If the termination
point of the VPN connection is a Linux box, how do I achieve that?

Here are my thoughts so far - any comments would be very welcome, as I
feeling my way in the dark!

1. Set up the VPN connection (doh)
2. Get the routing tables right on the two VPN boxes, so that traffic
aimed at the other office goes down the PPTP interface, and other
traffic goes directly to the firewall (for routing to the internet).
3. Set all the machines inside the office, which currently have the
firewall as their default gateway, to point to the VPN machine as their
default gateway.

I *think* that'll be ok. But the complicating factor is that we have a
single class C network which is subnetted between the offices, so that
our netmask is (in fact it's split into 4 groups, but
that's unnecessarily complicated). So how would broadcast packets be
treated? They are no longer being sent out to the same IP address in the
two offices (one might be and the other might be so would the two networks be able to see each other? Or
have I simply misunderstood the nature of broadcast packets?

As I said, any comments would be very welcome!

Warm regards


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