[pptp-server] some observations

Jean-Paul Chavant chavant at geosys.fr
Wed Sep 27 12:28:38 CDT 2000


i ve noticed that PPP doesn't want login/passwd whith more than 7
characters. Is it possible to solve this ? The result if i use login/passwd
with more than 7 characters is a 629 error on my Win9x client ...

I ve noticed another problem. On my VPN box (Linux Mandrake), on a
connection, the ip-up script is called ... but when the connection go down
the ip-down script isn't called. So i have firewall rules  who are
useless/needless ... why the ip-down script isn't called ? Is it a problem
of ppp ?

Another problem is the doc to install a VPN connexion on an NTServer on the
moretonbay.com site. apparently it's not NT shootscreens ... Or my NT
version is strange ... ?



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