[pptp-server] IPSec over PPTP.

Adam Lang aalang at rutgersinsurance.com
Fri Sep 29 07:50:49 CDT 2000

I'd assume if you want to use IPSEC, you should use Freeswan.  IPSec is it's
inherent protocol.  As far as I know with that though, is that you need to
use a client besides microsoft VPN. (Apparently there are ones to download
for free).

Adam Lang
Systems Engineer
Rutgers Casualty Insurance Company
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Subject: [pptp-server] IPSec over PPTP.

Hi pptp-list,
I hope I'm not ripping up in an old discussion, but I would like a
discription on how to set up IPSec over PPTP.
I'm a fairly new member of the list so I've only received the latest mail
about IPSec over PPTP, and I'm currently
looking through the archives for a discription. If anyone could give me a
hint or a discription it would be great.

Morten Troen.

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