[pptp-server] Small VPN...

Seth Northrop seth at calculon.northrops.com
Fri Jan 26 01:48:23 CST 2001

Hi.  I'm very new to PoPToP, and, didn't find the answer to my question
within the various pieces of documention on the site.  My apologies if
this has been asked before..

I want to build a fairly simplistic VPN.  

Currently a very simplistic view of an architecture looks like:

         --  Mail Server   Intranet
         |-  Web Server    DB
Internet |-  Firewall <--- File Server      
         --  DNS           Internal LAN

Ideally, we want to allow remote users with both static AND/OR dynamic ip
addresses (dialup/DSL/Cable etc.) into the internal network securely so
that we can allow SMTP relaying to only occur from an internal interface /
SMTP server, along with giving users access to our corporate intranet
and/or fileserver(s).

Currently we are doing port forwarding from the firewall and POP
authenticated relay restrictions on the external mail server.  Neither
seem as clean as a VPN solution.  And, absent serving file directories via
apache, we have no good means to provide access to samba shares to remote

Clients are mostly Windows 95/98/2000 with the potential that windows ME
could pop into the picture.  There are also a few linux clients that could
gain access.  

This is not a heavily remotely used network.  I wouldn't expect more than
a couple of people at any given point remotely accessing the
network.. and, of those they will not be pushing a large amount of data.

The question is whether PoPToP is appropriate for this
configuration; particularly as it pertains to routing IP traffic through
the tunnel->internal corporate net from dynamic (unknown) remote IPs.  If
not, what other software/hardware options are there?

Thanks for any input you can share!


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