[pptp-server] PPTP as WEP replacement

Kyle Hodgson kyleh at istorm.ca
Mon Oct 1 07:52:41 CDT 2001

In an environment where one doesn't care about tracking individual users,
and where one doesn't care about users having access to the same resources
at the other end of a tunnel- is it safe to give them all the same vpn
username and password?

Is it safe is too vague.  What I mean is, if I give 100 people the same
username and password, will they be able to easily snoop each other's
connections once a tunnel is established?

What I'm trying to do is replace the badly broken WEP protocol in a wireless
network.  I don't mind that everyone can get access to the tunnel, no
problem.  The only thing on the other end of the tunnel is a DSL connection,
one that they could access normally.  If I could introduce a reasonable
deterrent (better than WEP) against eavesdropping just by installing pptp
and having everyone use the same username and password, that would solve
certain management issues.

Kyle Hodgson
Istorm New Media

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