[pptp-server] Cannot ping

Michael C. Mitchell admin at coldtech.com
Wed Oct 10 08:09:43 CDT 2001

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Subject: [pptp-server] Cannot ping

 first thanks for the how-to, I compiled the kernel and now I am
little bit further. But, I do have some major problems, I cannot
connect with clients to other machines other than the pptp server. I
looked for the answer in the archives, but it didn't help. And yes I
use proxyarp option and the remote clients are in the same subnet.
Also, from the server I cannot ping the connected remote clients.
I guess this is why the NEtBeui si not working as well.

Interesting.  I am having the same problems.
My Win98 Client can cannot using chap2 and all authenticates properly, the
pptpd server issues an IP to the client and pppd states all is well.

I have not had the time to research an answer yet as I have some backlog
on my development plate as opposed to my sysadmin plate :P

Hopefully you'll have an answer for us before I swap hats.  :)

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