[pptp-server] IP Question.

Matthew Gavin mattgav at tempo.com.au
Thu Oct 18 02:42:33 CDT 2001

Hi all,

I have a small problem with Windows clients (Laptops) who connect to both
our Corporate LAN and our VPN (Not at the same time).

For VPN access, ie: when they are remote to the LAN... There is no problems
authenticating and then connecting, but IP Traffic does not occur to or from
the internal network unless the user changes the Static IP Address assigned
to their NIC to anything but the LAN subnet (

ie: to Same for the gateway to All
is fine once they do this!

I have senior managers who get the shits with this every time they need to
VPN in, and some have given up all together. Has anyone experienced this or
do the majority of "your" VPN users always remain as VPN users?

Matt. :)

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