[pptp-server] Martian packets and NetBIOS problems

Leo Torio leo at maximsoftware.com
Wed Oct 24 10:41:10 CDT 2001

OK. This is a follow up to my last couple of posts.

I've disable data encryption on the server. As well as disabled my firewall.

The client can now connect and "see" the other machines on my mini-network,
but my client cannot access any of them. It keeps saying "the network name
was not found".

I'd like to be able to re-enable data encryption. Does anyone know what
could be wrong?

Also, I've been looking for a good set of ipchains rules that will allow the
VPN connection and NetBIOS to work properly. I don't think my set is
adequate enough. Does anyone have any guidelines I need to follow to write a
proper set?

Thanks very much to everyone that helps and replies.


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