[pptp-server] network design and pptp

john john_g123 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 30 22:42:27 CST 2001

though there are some emails etc regarding issues with
pptp i have not seen (could be i missed) mails
pertaining to network design. 
so i would request the list for....

1. where to place the PPTP server in the overall
network, behind, ahead, or beside (dmz) of firewall

2. then according to above, what should be the address
range that is being alloted by the PPTP server.

3. any other useful configuration that you may
suggest. most of my clients ask for simple PPTP server
either with windows NT (RAS) or with linux.

any pros and cons.
and last not the least any doc or guide etc for a vpn
between linux and windows NT (or 2000).

please email me netowrk diags etc for configuratios
that you may have or are willing to send me. you can
send me personal email also.

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