[pptp-server] pptp died :(

Martynov Nikolay kolya at peredelkino.ru
Fri Apr 12 10:18:09 CDT 2002


  Last night I had strange problem...
  pptpd stopted to make connection with clients... I can't see exac time,
but there is something strange in logs:

Apr 11 23:23:33 xxx.host pppd[22310]: MPPE 128 bit, stateless compression
Apr 11 19:25:55 xxx.host /usr/local/named/sbin/named[667]: socket.c:1660:
unexpected error:
Apr 11 19:25:55 xxx.host /usr/local/named/sbin/named[667]: internal_accept:
accept() failed: Connection reset by peer
Apr 11 23:25:58 xxx.host sshd[640]: error: accept: Connection reset by peer
Apr 11 23:26:40 xxx.host pptpd[695]: MGR: accept() failed
Apr 11 23:39:00 xxx.host pppd[22129]: LCP terminated by peer

  As we can see, everething was fine... Then three different proccesses
couldn't make accept() call... But named and sshd sirvived and pptpd died (I
think that it died exactly here, because there was no connection after this
time... but I'm not completly sure).
  Some info:
   Uptime of the system is about 12 days.
   pptpd 1.0.1 -- I've used it for about a half of a year and did't have any
   Kernel -- 2.2.20, updated about 12 days ago.
   System -- RH 6.0, but most of the software upgraged.
   CPU -- PIII-500, Mem -- 320.

  So I think that may be this is not pptpd problem, but it's new kernel
problem... Or may be this computer is being attacked? Any ideas?

Thanks. Bye.

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