[pptp-server] Antigen found =*.scr file

Antigen at clink.schulte.org Antigen at clink.schulte.org
Sat Apr 13 00:37:23 CDT 2002

You have received a file type that is not allowed to be sent at UMKC.
This file type is usually associated with email worms and viruses.
The sender can rename the file extension and re-send it if they wish. (i.e. rename .vbs to .vbtxt)

In a message with the subject of:  "[pptp-server] Fw: Melt the Heart of your Valentine with this beautiful Screen saver"
Sent from: Tarun Lalwani  
At the email address of: tarun at telexcell.com 
Antigen for Exchange found the file: valentin.scr  
Blocked by the filter filter .
The file is:  Detected.  

The message was sent to: ,pptp-server at lists.schulte.org
The message was discovered in the folder: SMTP Messages\Inbound  located at University of Missouri/Kansas City/KC-MSXPROTO2.

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