[pptp-server] junk on list

James Cameron james.cameron at compaq.com
Tue Apr 16 19:40:15 CDT 2002

On Tue, 2002-04-16 at 22:20, Andrew Kohlsmith wrote:
> > There is nothing annoying about the [pptp-server] in the subject line.
> > It is the only thing reliable to key on for mail sorting.
> Totally untrue.  The List-Id: header is most useful for sorting.  I'm on about 
> two dozen mailing lists and the List-Id is on not present on one of them, 
> which I have to sort by To: or CC: (Cicso-NAS mailing list).

But totally useless for catching people who reply to me individually,
and for that only the subject keyword is useful.  I want it kept.

When they reply to me without using the list, for some strange reason I
don't get a List-Id header line, and so their mail is sorted into my
main mail stream.  I'd prefer it to go to the list folder I have

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