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Francesco lists at colliniconsulting.it
Sun Apr 21 03:35:37 CDT 2002

Well, both for server and client side i think Zyxel Prestige 642R+ works
fine; the only thing you must to do after buying it is upgrading firmware to
the latest version, which is optimized for PPTP encapsulation.



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  Hi Francesco,
  Do you know about some ADSL Router that works fine with that?
  I would like to buy it.
  How does it cost?
  Do you have any experience with this type of connections?

  Thanks about your help!

  igor.maciel at mailbr.com.br

  With ADSL router it should works fine.

  You can verify if the GRE protocol (protocol #47) is forwarded.
  try to look if there are some firewall restrictions; usually some
  connectivity supplier put on their adsl routers some blocking filters.



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  Hi all,
  I'd like to know if is possible to stablish a pptp connection over a nat.
  Let me explain:
  I have, at home, a simple ADSL modem (Ericsson HM220dp) and would like to
connect to our VPNServer (with a real address) in the office to access my
office network.
  This modem does simple NAT, so I have a fake address (right now it's - the modem has and when I try to connect to
my VPN Server, it stays Verifying Username and password, and nothing
happens. I'd like to know if there is some way to connect to my VPNServer
even when I have a fake address and are doing NAT to navigate. All works
fine with this modem (send/receive files in mIRC/ICQ/MSN - yes I have
Winblows @ home).
  Can anyone helps me?

  igor.maciel at mailbr.com.br
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