[pptp-server] route rules in linux and Windows ??

Carlos Arnt carnt at intellissence.com.br
Fri Aug 9 14:19:19 CDT 2002

Hi ,

 SOmeone can tell how put this routes ...

 I has a Linux Box running pptpd and are using a cable connections.

His internal Ip address is:
I put the range : to 180 to be used with vpn connections .

 Now i need put one remote computer that are using windows2000 with remote
connection share, to transmit his VPN connection to inside.

VPN Server = ---> (ppp) VPN Client (WIn2000)
(Need see computers)                              |

| Internal IP (His ip)
Network -

                    -- Some machine (

Need see the (Computers)

 What routes i need to put under my VPNServer and his Windows 2000 VPNClient
to this range see the ( must see this too).

 Thanks .

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