[pptp-server] problem with routing table on client

bao bao at gibbons.com
Mon Aug 26 12:26:10 CDT 2002

Good day everyone,

I'm using RH7.3, kernel 2.4.18-3 with ppp-mppe 2.4.1-6 (rpm version) and 
pptpd 1.1.2-2. Everything works great
except one little problem. Our network is When VPN 
is up, I check the client side routing
table and see an entry similar to this:    1

I have seen discussions about Microsoft always giving the wrong subnet 
mask (i.e.,
But with this huge subnet instead of (desirably and subnet mask, there is possibly a huge amount of traffic going 
to/from this huge network. And all of it
will be blocked by the firewall on the pptp server.

Is there any work-around that anyone has known of?

Thanks for any help

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