[pptp-server] performance tweaks

robert berzerke at swbell.net
Sat Feb 2 12:17:05 CST 2002

On Saturday 02 February 2002 09:08 am, osiris at urbanna.net wrote:
> Robert;
> On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, robert wrote:
> > Let me jump in and say at one company was able to get a big speed jump by
> > turning off the anti-virus software's scanning of remote files.  I didn't
> > measure the jump, but it was very noticable.
> NOW THERE'S A GREAT IDEA....  Jeezzeee....

If that's sarcasm, it's not a bad idea.  The remote user was the one turning 
off remote scanning.  The server has it's own (more up-to-date defs) scanner. 
She doesn't scan the server and the server doesn't scan her.  If she uploads 
something, then it is scanned.  It actually works quite well.  She actually 
did get one, and it never made it past the server.  (Aside: She refused to 
admit it was her though, until the virus dropped it's payload and trashed her 
system.  It also overwrote her CMOS.)

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