[pptp-server] Please help. Cannot get PPTP working with Windows2000.

Tommy Orndorff tommy at orndorff.com
Tue Feb 19 14:06:25 CST 2002

I found this out the hard way; when connecting 2 nodes on the same physical 
LAN (your Win2k client and your RedHat server), you must manually modify the 
routing table that is built-in on the Windows 2000 client.  You can use the 
following commands to view different options, etc. from a command-line prompt 
on the Windows computer (after connected to the VPN server):

route /? [displays help]
route print [prints routing table]
route add [adds routes; check syntax from print /?]
route delete
route change

Try doing the following, substituting <gateway> for the LOCAL IP given to the 
Windows client after connected (the ppp adapter's IP address, not the local 
IP of the server... this is also the default gateway listed at the bottom of 
print route) and <server> with the ip of a test machine to connect to on your 
LAN (possibly the vpn server itself):

route add <server> mask <gateway> metric 1

This will add a route to <server> (possibly, using the netmask 
of (single IP, not range of) through <gateway> (local ip 
handed out to the Windows ppp adapter) with a metric of 1 (ie. would take 
priority over a rule with metric 1).  

This is a bit of a pain due to Windows only adding a default route for (all traffic except thoughs already defined) to the routing table.

This all may be a bit confusing; if you need any help contact me ;)

Tommy Orndorff
I.T. Intern (everyone has to start somewhere)

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