[pptp-server] linux-2.4.16-openssl-0.9.6b-mppe.patch

Julian Cowell jnc at empolis.co.uk
Tue Jan 15 03:00:18 CST 2002

Some confusion here, he said,


is that 0.9.6 "b" or "a" because  "2.4.4"

have to watch those tricky numbers

I wanted to know, really, what does 2.4.16 0.9.6 b give us ?


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I have the same setup as VLADIMIR...
Mine compiled fine.....

Might be looking for the mppe modules 
that are not there yet.

I patched and compiled pppd first.
Start with a fresh tarball to patch,
redhat's version of pppd is a little
strange... heard bad things..

Then the kernel patch and compile.

Might make a difference, not to sure....

Jerry Vonau

Julian Cowell wrote:
> yep, I've also compiled and working Ok with the 2.4.4 patch.
> I've tried various other kernel versions as well,
> Valid question
> "Is it crucial to recompile the 2.4.16 kernel with newer patch?"
> May be I should of asked this first !
> joolls
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> Subject: Re: [pptp-server] linux-2.4.16-openssl-0.9.6b-mppe.patch
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> Were using 2.4.16 kernel patched with linux
> -2.4.4-openssl-0.9.6b-mppe.patch
> on RH7.1
> Everything including modules compiled cleanly and pptp works OK
> What changes were made to 2.4.16 patch compared to 2.4.4 patch
> Is it crucial to recompile the 2.4.16 kernel with newer patch?
> > Has anyone else managed to successfully patch and compile a 2.4.16
> > kernel with this patch ?
> > It seems to patch OK, but "make modules" gets upset
> > anyone else having issues ?
> >
> > tar   joolls

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