[pptp-server] RE: PPTP limitation

George Vieira GeorgeV at citadelcomputer.com.au
Wed Jan 16 18:11:07 CST 2002

It's as limited as to how many PPPD sessions can run AFAIK. Usually the
answer on the list has been around 100. You could probably work on getting
this higher if you hack some code..
I thought it was 256 as the kernel is setup with 256 PTYs... but this may
not be related...

I would take it on another approach. I mean, if you were talking about huge
amount of clients wouldn't you split the load using load balancing and
forward it to 3-4 other PPTP servers... that way if one server goes down
then the others will handle the connections..

BTW: What's the problem with emailing the list? Are you on a blackhole
listed server or something...

George Vieira
Systems Manager
Citadel Computer Systems P/L

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From: Dejan Jovanovic [mailto:dejanj at jaspur.com]
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For some reason, I cannot send email to PPTP list.

I have one question related to the PPTP server - PoPTop.
How many simultaneous connections (tunnels) can my PPTP server accept? And
also what is the limitation factor?


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