[pptp-server] Routing problem.

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Thu Jan 31 10:41:50 CST 2002

It sounds as if you have your routes established....

But you don't seem to be getting traffic back.

First thing I would do, is tcpdump the tunnel, and try pinging, or try
accessing a port on your home network, and seeing if the packets come back
or not.

Second, I would look at all the firewalling rules, make sure I'm
permitting forwarding for all the networks in the setup.

Maybe its time I update earthling.2y.net/LinkingNets.html with a FAQ/What
to test when it does not work....

Also, what OSes are on the firewalls?

On Thu, 31 Jan
2002, Oswald Knoppers wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to setup the following:
> - Office network ( with a firewall running the pptpd
> server
> - Home network ( with a firewall running the pptp client.
> I can make a connection and this works. From any host in the office
> network i can ping the ppp0 (tunnel) interface of the home firewall, i
> can also ping the eth0 interface of the home firewall. But i cannot ping
> any of the systems at the home network. So it looks like the home
> firewall is not forwarding the traffic.
> This firewall is also used for general access of the Internet. And for
> that type of traffic the forwarding works fine (in this case an isdn
> interface).
> Any suggestions on where to look?
> Thanks,
> Oswald
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