[pptp-server] Multiple VPN .

Carlos Arnt carnt at intellissence.com.br
Thu Jul 4 04:05:15 CDT 2002

Hi , 

Could someone explain how can i do this :

 At one side have a 2.4.18 kernel with mppe and poptop.
 Running very well , with some Win2000 and XP clients .

 Now the boss want to put some Masq machines to comunicate with this poptop server .

Then i think in this way :

The server continues with his true IP 200.222.x.x etc
I put a Linux PPTP client in the other hand using a cable connection.

Then the cliente connect to the server and receive a ip something like . 

I put this client linux to be my gateway and put all others machines to comunicate with that .

In the server side all my pc's have the same 192.168.1.x ( 1 to 35)

And in the client 

My question is the machines in both sides can talk together ?

Can someone have a dummy how to pptp in linux !!

Thanks for helping .

Just for explain better in one side (server side) have a network with 30 pc's . and in the other (client side) have 40 pc's .
I need over this vpn communicate all this mess =).

Carlos Arnt

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