[pptp-server] pptpd routing issues

Frank Cusack fcusack at fcusack.com
Sat Jun 8 11:00:40 CDT 2002

On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 04:47:52PM -0700, Christopher Aedo wrote:
> Frank Cusack wrote:
> >Get on another machine on 192.168.0/23 and see if you can ping
> >(or whatever IP the client gets).  Check the arp table after the ping to
> >see what it says for  If it looks like
> >
> >    ? ( at <incomplete>
> >
> >then your VPN server is not doing proxy arp.
> >
> Tried that, no good.  Other machines are not able to ping the 
> VPN-assigned IP address (in this case .81).

And if those machines' arp table shows <incomplete> then the problem
is that you're not actually doing proxy arp.  A wild guess is that
if you are not running ppp as root (on the server side) it cannot do
the magic to make it work.


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