[pptp-server] How safe is Chap?

R. de Vroede r.devroede at linvision.com
Mon Jun 17 03:30:10 CDT 2002


> I currently have a box set up to be vpn server. It doesn't support data
> encryption, and only chap is supported. Now I am worried about how safe my
> vpn is. 
If I was interested in that box I could sniff your data, break in and
wreak havoc on your box, maybe even the rest of your network. This would
be a sucky situation..

> Should I switch to MSCHAP v2? And data encryption? 
Hmmm.. Let me think... Uh-huh!!!

> This will be a lot of work....
Neh... There are out of the box RedHat packages on


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