[pptp-server] Masquarading clients - linux 2.4

Jerry Vonau jvonau at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 19 08:09:36 CDT 2002


I works for a single connection only, for multiple masq'd clients, you need a 


http://www.e-infomax.com/ipmasq/ (2.4 module matrix link)

has links to the patches that you need.

Jerry Vonau

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Does the linux kernel still need patches to masquarade client connections
properly? We're running 2.4.18 on all our firewalls, and it appears the
gre tunnels aren't establishing correctly.. I was under the impression
that 2.4 by default worked, but I couldn't find any reference to iptables
in the poptop faq..  ??


-- Joe

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