[pptp-server] Where is everything now

R. de Vroede r.devroede at linvision.com
Thu Jun 20 07:52:18 CDT 2002

Today files were released on Poptop's SourceForge page!

Happy birthday to you, dear Poptop, happy birthday to youououou....

We've got the new source tarball, RedHat RPM's, patches and Add-ons.
Now all we need is bunches of testers, documentation, and a whole lot of
happy campers...

I will commit the source to CVS ASAP.

All contributions to the Poptop project should go though SourceForge
from now on.
People wanting to mirror the software are ofcourse welcome to do so, but
please refer to SourceForge as the main site, so we can keep it

Thank you for your time, and .... Have fun!

Richard de Vroede

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