[pptp-server] routing and pptp

Cowles, Steve Steve at SteveCowles.com
Wed Jun 26 15:02:15 CDT 2002

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> Subject: [pptp-server] routing and pptp
> I have setup pptp to work well on the same range as my internal
> network.  Things are great there.
> When I change the network ranges in pptpd.conf to a different 
> network it doesn't work any more.

Sounds about right! 

> What things should I be checking for to find out why it doesn't work.

Are you now getting a message logged stating "Cannot determine Ethernet
address for proxy ARP" ?

> My internal addreses are - 255
> The ones that i give to the client is - 255
> What other information do I need to provide?

None! I think you have described the problem pretty well. 

Now consider either reading about implementing ip aliasing or editing the
ip-up script to manually add an ARP entry for each pptp client.

Steve Cowles

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