[pptp-server] NAT'd Clients with PoPToP

poptop poptop at ncfirewalls.net
Fri Mar 1 12:01:28 CST 2002


We are using PoPToP 1.1.2 in daemon mode on a 2.0.39 Linux box 
to allow cablemodem-based Win32 clients to VPN into the private 
net that sits behind the Linux box.  It works great.  No problems.

All of the cablemodem clients have unique live IP addresses.
We are considering NATing the clients with Linksys routers.
Will PoPToP support multiple NAT'd connections from the 
same IP address?   And if so, can someone point me in the
right direction, configuration-wise?

Thanks in advance!

Niles Mills
poptop at ncfirewalls.net

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