[pptp-server] NAT'd Clients with PoPToP

poptop poptop at ncfirewalls.net
Sat Mar 2 08:59:29 CST 2002

> > Will PoPToP support multiple NAT'd connections from the
> > same IP address?
> Not at present.  It requires the same work as is required
> to do the other side of the PPTP protocol (multi call
> per IP work) which nobody has done.

Thanks for the quick reply David.  I think we'll solve
the problem by adding external IP adddresses to the Linux server
and running extra PopTop daemons against those
addresses.  It will require a little more management
at the remote client side to ensure that each client behind the
same NAT device uses a unique server IP address, but it
should work out okay.  

Thanks again!

Niles Mills
poptop at ncfirewalls.net

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