[pptp-server] module present now, but same results on win2000

robert berzerke at swbell.net
Sun Mar 3 11:20:21 CST 2002

The config files for 2000 are tricky.  From the howto:

5.23    Q: I'm having problems with Windows 98SE/ME or Windows 2K running
at the proper encryption level.  What's going on?

        A: For Windows 2K, problems have been reported if you have the
line [mppe-40] in the options file.  Commenting it out seems to fix the
problem.  You can also try the alterative options file listed above.

On Sunday 03 March 2002 10:37 am, Lonnie Cumberland wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> I appreciate you telling me about the patches and I was able to
> compile them in an get the ppp_mppe.o in my drivers/net directory.
> After rebooting and then trying to connect with my Win2000 machine
> again, I am still getting the same message.
> did I miss a step?
> cheers,
> Lonnie
> >> Do I need to do a re-compile again?
> >>
> >> Actuall, I am now just getting an error message 741 on my
> >> Win2000 that says that the local computer does not support the
> >> data
> >> encryption.
> >
> > You can either turn off data encryption in your pptp profile (at
> > your W2K box) -or- you will have to apply the mppe patches to ppp
> > and your kernel to support data encryption. Checkout:
> > http://www.infohiiway.com/download/pptp/2.4.x/patches for the
> > required patches.
> >
> > Steve Cowles

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