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Lonnie Cumberland lonnie at outstep.com
Sun Mar 3 11:51:43 CST 2002

Hello All,

I have found out that if I turn of the "Require Data Encryption" on
my Win2000 VPN settings in "Security" then I can connect, but I am
still wondering if the VPN is secure?

I also get a message from Windows that:

1. TCP/IP CP connected ok

2. IPX/SPX CP -- Error 773 ....the computers could not agree on a PPP

3. NetBEUI CP -- Error 773 ....the computers could not agree on a PPP

I am wanting to to "map network drive" from my Samba server running
on my Linux server to the Win2000 client and am not clear if I am
able to do it from these settings.

The reason that I am asking is that my Linux server is behind a
firewall along with this test machine behind the firewall as well and
I can already make a Samba connection from the Win2000 client so it
is a little hard to test.

I will need to figure out which port to forward through my firewall
as well.

Cheers and thanks for all of the help everyone.

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