[pptp-server] Connection Trouble - Burn XP!!!!!!!

Timothy Wilkes timw at distinction.co.nz
Sun Mar 3 22:22:21 CST 2002

Thanks for the reply,

The SuSE kernel is only 2.4.4, I'm sure I've read somewhere that they 
have applied the patches. But I will compile a knew kernel with the 
patches myself and see what happens.

I did search but I was sure that the 
linux-2.4.4-openssl-0.9.6a-mppe.patch.gz was applied :):) Plus Win2K 
defiantly was using MPPE 128.


Jerry Vonau wrote:

>I've set up a pptp server on SuSE Linux, using their pre
>built packages
>>with all the patches for mppe etc, saving me some time :)
>Does this include a new kernel?
>Maybe your missing a one of the kernel upgrades that
>has the patch installed...
>Found this in my mail:
>On Monday 07 January 2002 10:03 am, Gustav Jansen wrote:
>>I've been running pptpd for some time now, and I've suddenly started
>>experiencing some weird problems. I get the following message in my kernel
>>Not enough space to encrypt packet: 1404<1404+4!
>>I'm using PoPToP v1.1.2 and pppd version 2.4.1 on a Linux 2.4.9 box. I've
>>set up MPPE 128 and this has been working fine. But now, all of a sudden,
>>I can't connect to shares, or connect to the Internet through the
>>VPN-link, and these messages are popping up in my logs. Any ideas anyone?
>The howto lists this answer:
>5.58    Q: I'm getting errors: "Not enough space to encrypt
>packet: [some 
>        A: You didn't apply the
>patch. The problem is that ppp_generic.c assumes that no
>"compression" method 
>will ever cause a frame to grow.  However, MPPE causes every
>frame to grow by 
>four bytes.  This only generates the above error message
>when you are trying 
>to send a frame that is within four bytes of the MTU.
>Reducing the MTU will not help because if you reduce the
>MTU, ppp_generic.c 
>will just reduce the size of the buffer that it passes.
>Since it was working before, I'm guessing its one of two
>things: a problem 
>with your kernel (did you switch to a new one, did a module
>get corrupted, 
>etc) or you were never actually *USING* the encryption until
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