[pptp-server] setup documents

John Stetter john at brewtown.net
Tue Mar 5 15:55:01 CST 2002

There is no copyright information for these documents, it is impossible to
contact the creators of the docs due to an invalid return mail address.  It
looks like these docs were compiled by Greg Luck, but there is no email for
him to be found.

I assume that these people, people like ourselves, created these documents
to be useful to others, and if there were copyright issues, they would be
listed somewhere on the pages.  None to be found.


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> Lonnie Cumberland wrote:
> > could someone please tell me who I would have to talk to in order to
> > see about using the Windows VPN setup documents on our website so
> > that the users can easily set up thier VPN to our server.
> The author and copyright owner of the documents.  Check to see if they
> include a license or usage permissions.
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