[pptp-server] Tunnel Builder MAC Client

Jim McCormack jimmc at irobot.com
Wed Mar 6 12:51:53 CST 2002

Hello All:

I have been running a PopTop server successfully for many months now
(thanks to the helpful archives of this mailing list and all the
documentation people have provided).  I am now having great difficulty
getting a Mac Client to work with the TunnelBuilder pptp client
software  (the first mac client I have attempted).  I have searched the
archives of the mailing list and do not have a clear idea of whether
anything "special" is required to support a TunnelBuilder client.  I am
not attempting to use appletalk over the vpn, just ip.

I saw one thread that indicated that someone had made a patch to ppp to
allow the Tunnel Builder client to work.  However the patch was for
version ppp-2.3.10 and I believe I am running 2.3.11.  Does anyone know
if a patch would be necessary?

Thanks for any guidance.


Jim McCormack

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