[pptp-server] Linux PoPToP 2.4 with LAN Internet connection.

poptop poptop at ncfirewalls.net
Thu Mar 7 01:03:31 CST 2002

> If anyone has any ideas on how to get a VPN client on a NAT'd IP (behind 
> linux 2.4.7-10 and ipchains 1.3.10) to a PoPToP server out on the 'net, 
> suggestions or URL's for reference would be appreciated.

According to one of the original authors, David Luyer, NAT'd clients
won't currently work.  Here's email from last week:

My original question:
> > Will PoPToP support multiple NAT'd connections from the
> > same IP address?

David's reply:
> Not at present.  It requires the same work as is required
> to do the other side of the PPTP protocol (multi call
> per IP work) which nobody has done.                 

David was also kind enough to describe what work needs to be
done to get NAT'd client IPs working, offering several solutions.
I am considering doing the work and am currently reviewing the code.  
Anyone who is interested is welcome to contact me directly and I'll
be happy to forward David's comments in this regard.  And, of
course, I'm sure he'll see this thread.

In the interim, I have solved our problem with NAT'd clients
by running multiple instances of pptpd on the same Linux server,
assigning each pptpd process to a unique server IP address via
IP aliasing.  So far, so good.

Niles Mills
poptop at dnsppp.net

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